Sleepy Hill Middle School


Hello students and parents!

This year we have been using a new platform- Schoology! This has allowed us to connect with students for eSchool teaching, but it does come with quite a few questions!

This page has been created to help answer some of the questions you may have. Below, a few videos have been made to help make understanding Schoology a bit easier.


eCampus Informational Video




Students, just as you would attend your classes at school, we expect to see you attend classes online during class!

That means signing into your classes when they are happening.

For example, if I am supposed to be in World History at 9:15, I need to log on to my World History class at that time to be marked present.

Please find a video showing attendance practices here: Coming Soon !!



Just like a classroom teacher would assign classwork on campus, eschool teachers assign daily work online. These assignments are posted in Schoology daily, during that class.

Using the example above, my World History work would become available at 9:15 am. Teachers who use Zoom will have a link posted for students to join, and all other work will be posted on the course page as well.

Please find a video about assignment postings here: Coming Soon !!




Students are graded for classwork, quizzes and tests just as they would be on campus. It is best practice to check Student Portal for grades, and always contact your teacher if you have any questions. Teachers are available through Schoology message, but also through email! We have included emails for eschool teachers below.