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Congratulations to Michael Dinwiddie, District 5 Teacher of the Year 2023

Michael Dinwiddie

Dinwiddie is an “empowering presence” on campus, where he is known for his strong work ethic and high expectations for students. He stresses the importance of academics but also works to build relationships with students, sometimes having lunch with them as a way to show he cares.

Dinwiddie serves as a mentor to students and staff, and is known as a leader among Sleepy Hill’s teachers; administrators say he has been a constant source of knowledge and encouragement for his colleagues. He created and leads the Unity Group, which seeks to promote school spirit and engagement among Sleepy Hill’s faculty. He also has volunteered his time for school events and regularly steps up when he sees an issue that needs attention.

Greatness must run in the Dinwiddie household: Michael’s wife, Michelle, was the 2018 Polk County Teacher of the Year.