Sleepy Hill Middle School

Polk County Public School Student ID Policy

Badge Policy at Sleepy Hill Middle: 

Polk County School Board has a new policy this year in secondary schools to ensure the safety of all students on campuses. All students, grades 6-12 will be required to wear Student ID badges. SHMS will provide a picture ID and lanyard for each student at our school. All students will be required to wear the ID badge every day. No student will be allowed to go to class unless they are wearing their ID badge and lanyard. If a student does not come to school with their ID badge, they can call home for the parent to bring the badge to school. However, if the parent cannot bring the badge or if the student lost the badge the school will print a new badge at a cost of $5.00. If you do not pay the fee of $5.00 for a replacement ID badge the fee will be added to your high school obligation. All high school obligations must be paid before the student graduates. In addition, they will also not be eligible to attend night time events until the fee is paid. ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR THEIR ID BADGES EVERY PERIOD EVERY DAY without exception.
If a student comes to school without their ID badge and lanyard they will be allowed to call home to have someone come to bring the ID and lanyard to the student. If no one can be reached, then the student will be printed a new ID badge at the $5.00 fee and then be allowed to go to class. ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR THEIR ID BADGE EVERY PERIOD EVERY DAY. No student will be allowed to wait longer than 20 minutes for someone to arrive with their badge. Students will be held in the media center to wait for their badge or have a new badge made.

Image may differ from actual Student ID Card